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Let ACS tailor a criminal background check to specifically meet your needs. Search areas we cover include but are not limited to: current county and state of residence, any counties and states where the applicant has previously resided, national sex offender registry, national criminal conviction database, federal criminal conviction database, OFAC sanctions list, and Office of the Inspector General exclusions list. Results from these searches will include misdemeanor and felony convictions, pending charges, and any active warrants.


Checks for civil judgements and cases including but not limited to: breach of contract, protection orders, unlawful detainer, fraud, and embezzlement.


Identifies whether or not the social security number provided by the applicant is valid and belongs to them. This verification also uncovers any aliases and addresses associated with the applicant in the past ten years. These results increase the validity of the criminal background check and ensure your applicant is not providing fraudulent information.


This search is a step above the social security number verification. It offers all of the same benefits as well as a picture of how the applicant manages financial responsibility. Find out if your applicant has any bankruptcies, tax liens, collections, civil judgements, or defaulted loans.


Verifies employment experience reported on the application. We contact employers directly to verify dates of employment, position title, salary, performance quality, and re-hire status.


Verifies certifications or licenses reported on the application. We contact the issuing institutions to verify completion and expiration dates and current status.


Verifies education information provided application. This can include high school diplomas, college degrees, medical residencies, vocational certifications, or dates of employment. ACS will tailor your verification package to include all the information your company requires.


Provides you with the current driving record for your applicant, an essential part of employment screening when the position to be filled involves traveling in any capacity on behalf of your company.


Check of 4 federal agencies for names that are barred from working for or with financial entities- FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve & National Credit Union.


We will order the test for you, send your applicant the instructions, and get you the results as soon as they come in. We do our best to make the process as convenient as possible for you and your applicant by providing testing locations nationwide and easy to understand results. You can choose whether you would like a 5-panel or 10-panel test based on your company’s needs.


As a preferred member of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), we offer state required affidavit processing for insurance companies.

Physical Capacity Testing

Work with companies to create a pre-employment Physical Capacity Test for positions that require significant manual labor to help reduce future work comp claims.

*Don’t see a service listed that you need, contact us. We may currently offer or can easily add it.

Real, Personal Service

Our clients are able to reach real customer care service individuals dedicated to their accounts not a mechanical message center. Our staff is eager to work with you and for you.

Accurate, In-depth Background Screening

Using our investigative process and procedures assures a complete report with national and local coverage going back in time as customers feel appropriate-EVEN REAL TIME PENDING MATTERS are checked to give our clients the FULL PICTURE not just an out-dated database rehash.

User-Friendly, Full-View Software

ACS Data Search’s user-friendly, proprietary, full-view software enables the client user to ride along with our experienced staff viewing the check completion process in real time. This enables clients to better budget employment, as they become aware of both positive and negative factors in real time as the screening progresses.

Flat Fee Pricing – No Upcharges – Customer Price Protection

There is no one perfect background check-one size fits all-and ACS Data Search recognizes that reality. We provide a broad range of search choices and combinations developed since 1992 to serve our client needs.

Here are the most widely used searches although other verification/license checks are also available upon request:

  • Criminal Conviction Search: includes warrants, arrests, misdemeanors, and felonies.
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Federal Criminal Conviction Search
  • Credit Check
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • Social Security Verification
  • Sexual Offender Check
  • Civil Check
  • Financial Enforcement Search

Money Back Guarantee

Should our clients be unhappy with our service for any real reason we will gladly refund payment.

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