Welcome to ACS Data Search, offering background checks for companies and property managers in Kansas City and nationwide focusing on providing our clients with professional and customized background services with the highest quality of customer service.

At ACS, we work with and for Clients to create background checks that meets their specific needs. For over 25 years, ACS has been helping clients of all sizes and industries obtain the information they need to make the best hiring and renting decisions for their companies.

We take our role in this decision making process seriously and adhere to the highest of compliance standards while offering accurate, timely and cost effective services.

Flat Fee Pricing – No Upcharges – Customer Price Protection

Flexible & Dependable

ACS Data Search offers Pre-Employment and Background Checks to a variety of clients – businesses, non-profits, volunteer groups, landlords and property management groups. We tailor our services to meet the exact needs of our clients, allow them to view the status of their reports in real time, and strive to complete each check as quickly as possible. We are typically the last step in the hiring/renting process and we understand this.

Accurate, In-depth Background Checks

Using our investigative process and procedures assures a complete report with national and local coverage going back in time as customers feel appropriate and allowed by law– even real-time pending matters are checked to give our clients the FULL PICTURE not just an outdated database rehash.

Real, Personal Service & Money Back Guarantee

Our clients are able to reach real customer care service individuals dedicated to their accounts not a mechanical message center. Our staff is eager to work with you and for you. Should our clients be unhappy with our service for any real reason we will gladly refund payment.

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