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Credit (Full Report Summary)

We obtain the credit report and we analyze and create a summary for ease of use. Credit reports, by themselves, are usually difficult to understand. We strive to set ourselves apart by interpreting these complex reports and providing a summary for our customer’s benefit. These summaries include information regarding Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies, number of positive verses negative accounts, total debt, and monthly payment totals due. Our unique analysis will also provide you with three previous resident addresses, verify the SSN, and aliases.

Criminal Search

The customer’s needs determine the length of reporting time and the extent of research. This is an area where “one size does NOT fit all.” The following criminal reports are available:

  • National Sex Offender
  • Current County
  • Civil Record Search
  • Terrorist Check
  • Most Wanted List
  • 50 State Criminal Searches
  • National Criminal Search
  • International Criminal Search

We normally find most customers are best served by a seven year comprehensive report including: County, State, and Sexual Predator searches. ACS Data Search conducts criminal searches based on the applicants name(s), SSN, addresses, and/or date of birth to ascertain a possible criminal record.

Eviction Search

Evictions are found on the applicant’s credit or through a civil records search. ACS will search both locations (Credit is only searched if a credit check is a part of your package).

Employment (Current)

Normal information verified includes: position, date of employment, and date of termination.

Rental History (Up to 3 years)

We will contact previous landlords to verify information such as: Current rent price, date of move-in, date of move-out, damages or complaints, notice given, number of late payments, balances overdue, and if the landlord would re-rent to the applicant.

The Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program is truly excellence in action. Christina Friederichs Blunt, Managing Director, and the other Mentee and Mentor participants help form, develop and reinforce the true entrepreneurial essence that ACS Data Search continues to benefit from. ACS Data Search is proud to support HEMP by providing background screening services across a broad range of business enterprises.

– Christina Friederichs Blunt Managing Director, HEMP

Real, Personal Service

Our clients are able to reach real customer care service individuals dedicated to their accounts not a mechanical message center. Our staff is eager to work with you and for you.

Accurate, In-depth Background Screening

Using our investigative process and procedures assures a complete report with national and local coverage going back in time as customers feel appropriate-EVEN REAL TIME PENDING MATTERS are checked to give our clients the FULL PICTURE not just an out-dated database rehash.

User-Friendly, Full-View Software

ACS Data Search’s user-friendly, proprietary, full-view software enables the client user to ride along with our experienced staff viewing the check completion process in real time. This enables clients to better budget employment, as they become aware of both positive and negative factors in real time as the screening progresses.

Flat Fee Pricing – No Upcharges – Customer Price Protection

There is no one perfect background check-one size fits all-and ACS Data Search recognizes that reality. We provide a broad range of search choices and combinations developed since 1992 to serve our client needs.

Here are the most widely used searches although other verification/license checks are also available upon request:

  • Criminal Conviction Search: includes warrants, arrests, misdemeanors, and felonies.
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Federal Criminal Conviction Search
  • Credit Check
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • Social Security Verification
  • Sexual Offender Check
  • Civil Check
  • Financial Enforcement Search

Money Back Guarantee

Should our clients be unhappy with our service for any real reason we will gladly refund payment.

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